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About Us

PAX was created out of a want to wear clothes that actually stood for something while still fitting our style. Our names are Isabella and Angel. We are 24-years-old, and we were born and raised in Miami, FL. We both have similar styles that consist of lots of basics with a bit of a twist. But most of the time the basics we found weren't good quality, and the basics that were high quality were just too expensive for us (and as self-proclaimed foodies, we rather spend our money on delicious food). So with Angel's experience creating online businesses and our want to create minimalist designs while helping others, we decided to start our own clothing line. And that's how PAX was born. 

PAX is Latin for peace, and we thought since we want to build a brand surrounded by positivity and mental health, it was perfect!We've decided to focus on mental health because we've each had our own story surrounding it. And what we came to realize as we continued to speak about our struggles with friends and family, is that there are sooo many other people going through their own mental health journeys. 

For the most part, when we are with friends and family or interacting with strangers, we try to spread positivity and compassion because we never know what others are going through nor the impact a simple smile may bring to someone's day. And THAT'S what we want PAX to be all about: the feeling of spreading light and positivity to others.